Chad Michael Snavely

I use audio to help people tell compelling stories

I use audio to help people tell compelling stories

2017: What a Year

Over the past week, my inbox and social media feeds have been flooded with “Year in Review” articles and “Best-Of” lists. Like most, I enjoy the time between Christmas and New Years because it provides a natural reflection point...a chance to look back and sum up what happened over the year, but also a reset button and the opportunity to dream about ways to make next year even better than the last. And while, to be honest, I’ve been looking ahead to 2018 for the past couple of months, I wanted to use this moment to share some of the incredible things that have happened in my life - specifically in the life of my business - over the last year.

This year was a big one because I officially launched CMStudio, an audio production company primarily focused on telling great stories through the medium of podcasts. At the core, we’re a collective of producers, editors and sound designers that seek to create the kind of experience around a narrative that serves as a catalyst for stories of impact, innovation and human influence.

There’s this quote by the branding genius Don Schneider (who was featured on one of the podcasts we produced) that has felt like the driving force of CMStudio:

“In everything you create, you’re asking people for their time, and the most wonderful thing you can do is reward them for that.”

If you’ve spent any time listening to one of the podcasts our team has created this past year, I hope we’ve rewarded you for your time investment.

Here are a few of our highlights from 2017:

  • Consulted, edited and produced work for over 50 individuals and companies, releasing over 350 unique, original episodes
  • Landed over 6 million downloads from listeners
  • Effectively worked with clients from all over the world (New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Nashville, Dallas, Australia, Austin, Chicago, and Toronto)
  • Panelist at Podcast Movement - the world's largest conference for podcasters - in Los Angeles, CA
  • Presented a talk at a Nashville Podcasters event
  • Our podcasts were featured in Fast Company, Mashable, HuffPost, Forbes, The Lily, Voices, Inc. Nashville Lifestyles and the NY Times.

There is a growing list of individuals and brands who have trusted us to help them produce, edit or launch their podcasts, such as Storybrand, Community Made, Ryan Hawk, Annie F. Downs, Matt Wertz, Molly Fletcher, Bilal ZaidiBryony Cole, Branden Harvey, Story Gatherings, Nick Laparra, Animalators and many others. We’re also currently working on launching new shows with Jonathan Fields, Onsite Workshops, Ginny Owens, Blind Tiger Record Club and a few others I can’t name quite yet. I feel so privileged to work with people who are putting the best energy and messages into the world.

As for podcasts, I believe they are here to stay. In fact, I believe podcasting is the most important storytelling medium. It’s exciting to know that this is what my life’s work is about — using audio to help people tell compelling stories. And I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who has been a part of my own story - both personally and through CMStudio - this past year.

And you know what? This was simply a look back, folks.  

There are big things in store for 2018.

Much love,